24 Hour Diary Planner


The 24 Hour Home and Work Diary Planner

This diary has been described as ” a ground breaking new concept for busy people juggling family work and community life” and you can read reviews by using the name of the diary as a key words search on the internet.

This diary was developed for new parents and those working part time. It also works as a hallway diary for aged parents who were wanting to live at home with some help. So many others also find it useful including volunteers, carers, parents and night roster workers”. Since then ways to use it for brain injury and post illness have been developed. The diary makes your various life role activities look clearer, better planned and can be used for getting better life quality through planning longterm desires. Paper records will last longer than the latest software.

A portion of the proceeds goes towards World Wildlife Fund and assistance Dogs Australia.
More information and purchase information is available at the website:
The 24 Hour Home and Work Diary