About Booking In

How many sessions will I need?

For uncomplicated issues, 2 to 5 sessions are usually sufficient. However with long term compounded issue upon issue, and difficulty upon difficulty you might prefer a longer term approach.

Longer spaces between sessions can be determined by you.

Will it be right for me?

Answer: after one or two sessions you will have a clearer picture of direction and what is needed. If you or I feel you need a different approach you can change to another psychologist. If you are registered with Medicare your doctor can change the psychologists name on your forms to enable continuation of medicare rebates or bulkbilling.

Making an appointment

Please call (03)6228 9909.

Dr. Rayner-Brosnan usually handles her calls herself. When she is busy you might be asked to leave a message

Where? And what is parking like?

The main clinic waiting room at 436 Elizabeth Street is friendly. Sessions can occur here between Monday and Friday by appointment. There is street parking.


An appointment can usually be provided within 10 days and through other clients changing their appointments. Unfortunately this practice is not able to offer crisis or after hours service and you will need to call emergency services or a crisis line counselor or the hospital if you have such a need.