About The Services


  • Talking and sharing usually provides new insights Into future awareness and  prevention
  • Observing and practicing usually provides more confidence
  • Your goals discussed on the first day are flexibly adapted to your needs on the day

By session 2 or 3 you will know if my approach is  right for you

Average length of a session is 55 minutes.

TELEPHONE SESSIONS if you leave Hobart

REPORTS and strategies


I am a psychologist with over 30 years experience in therapy, coaching, counseling, and workplace intervention and the workers compensation and injury and trauma recovery. I have combined research, teaching and practice and now focuses on practice  and constant learning. My background has resulted in a preference to modify my choice of therapy options in a way that suits you as an individual. I have taught the biopsychosocial approach, and researched in the fields of  the body’s response to stress and trauma and happiness.  I have provided legal and work place reports. I enjoy helping clients develop and  achieve  positive interpersonal, personal or workplace goals.

My approaches include CPT, IRRT, CBT, DBT, and  ACT strategies based on foundation work in brief psychotherapies, communication training,   interactionism  and clinical psychophysiology.

  • Current AHPRA registration
  • Australian Psychological Society Member for over 30 years
  • Fellow of the College of Health Psychology
  • By invitation – foundation committee  member of the Australian Psychological Society College of Health Psychologists 1997-1999
  • APS Committee for organisational health (judging panel for annual awards 2014-1


The Stress Clinic of Hobart: In psychophysiology stress results from enduring strain on a system. The plan was to have other clinics elsewhere but I realized I would become an administrator instead of being able to work with my clients.

The goal beneath the name is to achieve the opposite to what happens for someone experiencing  stress     –   to gain clear thinking –  good decisions –  carefully considered actions and ability to bounce back (resilience) with balance, and times of fun or joy.–