Be Inspired

Inspirational Resources:

Do you agree that The Art of Living is very much about creating and reconstructing life quality for self and others no matter what gets thrown at you from left field?

Creating your life – recording your life:

TheĀ  24 hour Home and work diary/planner was developed with the intention of helping people to develop discernment, calmness and organization especially when life’s plans are entwined with loved ones needs. By having sections to separate and create space around business, family, community and personal needs, and a place to create plans the goal was better life quality. The diary also allows good permanent recording space for later reflection or autobiography or for custody issue evidence.

The diary can also be used to help re-create and construct your life after injury.
See The 24 Hour Home And Work Diary website for suppliers.

Music and atmosphere: consider buying these –

Music affects our breathing and heart rate brainwave activity and sense of wellbeing and ability to be inspired.

The most profound comforting relaxing and inspiring music I am aware of that could be played in any environment is Tony O’Connor.

Tony O’Connor pieces on You Tube.

My favourites?

  • Experience the Magic
  • Of Dreams and Discoveries
  • Summer Rain
  • Rainforest Magic

To purchase Tony’s music, visit his website at

Other healing music for totally absorbed listening and available on line or music shops is:
Carmen Warrington
Josh Groban “Awake”
Susan Boyle “I dreamed a dream”
Olivia Newton-John “Grace and Gratitude”
Ethereal harp and flute Ensemble Hobart – celtic and improvisation CDs can be found on line and some shops
(why don’t you look at these musician’s sites and decide for yourself)

PLEASE NOTE: It is recognized that these selections might not be helpful to your specific circumstance and no responsibility can be taken for effects of suggestions to listen to the above and decide for yourself.