Payments and Rebates


The APS recommended rate for a 1 hour session is $300 for the 2023/2024 financial year and the recommended fee stands  in  situations requiring an invoice to be issued, unless an agency has a set fee.
For clients who pay on the same day,  by eftpos visa cash or bank transfer, despite practice overheads, there is a significant reduction in the fee rate –  $165 to $195 depending on the circumstances.
(Employer paid or Workers Compensation paid accounts are based on discussion with those agencies and the accounts are sent directly to the agency.  You will need your Case Number).
Private Health – a receipt will be provided to you for submission to your private health insurer
Medicare rebate –  In the case that your G.P. has provided the date  of registration of a Mental Health Care Plan   and a doctor’s referral letter showing provider number,  you become  eligible for  a rebate rate of $89.65  on the same day,  for up to 10 sessions across a calendar year. The final four sessions,  under the Plan rules,  are possible after you vist your doctor for  a review and an extension letter is provided  to the psychologist.  Rebates for further sessions over and above the 10 have recently become available since the COVID pandemic.
Receiving your rebate from Medicare: This practice  attempts where possible to follow the ethical principle that you should not have to wait in a  queue in a Medicare office.  This practice carries the extra cost of being registered with mobile equipment through a respected bank in combination with medicare,   that enables an almost immediate medicare rebate to your card.  Please note that in circumstances where you have accumulated  enough health expenses to now be under the medicare safety net, your rebate will grow from the $92.60 to a higher amount.
It is with extreme regret that due to increased overheads in the past few years,  the $92.60 from Medicare can no longer be directed to the psychologist to  cover the total cost of the session.
However you can arrange an initial session at the rates above  to be held face to face at  181 Elizabeth Street.  Future sessions via phone could then be considered  at a  reduction in the hourly rates.
However although payment can be made by you via efptos or transfer,  you will need to obtain your medicare rebate either via  your own  pre-loaded  medicare App.( if you have it),  or attend their office.  This is due to the  medicare app.  on the terminal requiring physical implementation of your  eftpos card to place the rebate  into your bank.
Late Cancellation or failure to cancel Fee:
Please avoid  a $50 late  fee, by calling either the day before, or leave a message which will be received between 8.30 and 9.15a.m. in the morning of the day of your session.   This fee arrangement is generous. Some groups require more than 3 days notice and charge the one hour fee or 50% fee.

The different medicare rates and the different quality of service:

I am often asked by people who have already been to a clinical psychologist why the rates are different.
Currently, Medicare only identify one form of specialisation within the psychology field. Research has been conducted that has shown outcomes are similar despite the categorisation of general versus clinical psychologist performing the service.
I have an endorsement as a Health Psychologist and am now a Fellow of the College of Health Psychologists and hold a certificate showing full membership of the APS for 40 years, but due to the Medicare ruling must claim for general psychology rates.
Your account will be sent to the agency.
Your account will be sent to the lawyer and negotiation to pay a part payment as you go might be required.
The account will be sent to the employer or their agency.