Payments and Rebates


For Payment on  the same day,  the fee range is $140 to $170  most commonly $150 (depending on your circumstance) .
Private health insurance usually provides a refund.
Immediate Medicare refunds of approximately $90 (or more depending on whether you have reached your threshold) can be arranged but require
  1. That you have ensured the psychologist be provided with a doctors written referral stating the number of sessions or  stage of the mental health care plan sessions required.
  2. You bring your medicare card, credit card or eftpos card but please  note the refund cannot be placed on a credit card.

This practice has a  mobile bank  terminal for use at the rooms or other location  that effectively makes the psychologist a medicare agent. 

Payments but not refunds  for phone and screen sessions can be processed on the same day   For clients who cannot comfortably organize a refund, please ask for options. 
These fees are particularly generous given the APS recommend a fee to cover overheads of $267 until July 2022 at which time there will be an annual small incremental rise. 
  • The $50 Late Cancellation Fee can be avoided by notification the day before or a message received by 8.30 am.
  • If you are on a pension a lower rate will be accepted, or bulk bill offered for phone or screen,  but due to  overhead costs  until the medicare rate changes,  it is extremely unfortunate that a waiting list  will apply.

The different medicare rates and the different quality of service:

I am often asked by people who have already been to a clinical psychologist why the rates are different.
Currently, Medicare only identify one form of specialisation within the psychology field. Research has been conducted that has shown outcomes are similar despite the categorisation of general versus clinical psychologist performing the service.
I have an endorsement as a Health Psychologist and am now a Fellow of the College of Health Psychologists and hold a certificate showing full membership of the APS for 40 years, but due to the Medicare ruling must claim for general psychology rates.
Your account will be sent to the agency.
Your account will be sent to the lawyer and negotiation to pay a part payment as you go might be required.
The account will be sent to the employer or their agency.