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– ask about the 6-10 week CBT and reprocessing programmes and evaluation for trauma recovery and travel or task confidence

Recovery – grief over loss of loved ones or a limb or a life style
Asking not what you can’t do, but what you can do, and how – new perspectives

Dealing with the knot of emotions after life changing events –
Resentment, fear, humiliation, and all the emotions

Finding new ways during temporary or after permanent cognitive impairment
(memory/decisionmaking/ organizational strategies)

Finding hope and motivation to go forward with a surgical procedure
Or with retraining a limb, or in the presence of persistent pain.

Dr. Rayner-Brosnan worked with the Workers Compensation Board in Qld. In the 80s and 90s where the desire was quick return to functioning to avoid secondary gain and further injury.

The longer people are out of the loop the more difficult it is to return.

Sometimes the path needs to deviate slightly so that new experiences are tried and competence and confidence can generalize and grow.

Joy experience is beneficial.

Post traumatic stress disorder is a published area of Dr. Dawn Rayner-Brosnan.

Acceptance and Commitment therapy principles and Imagery Reprocessing methods are important for recovery are recent evidence based methods that can be beneficial.
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